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>Shapal Material Properties.

 Shapal M Soft Ceramic technical data

Shapal is a Machinable, technical ceramic with a high mechanical strength and thermal conductivity. It is based on the worlds first translucent aluminium nitride ceramic. Shapal ceramic unique characteristics make it suitable for a wide range of applications in the vacuum and nuclear industries. It has zero porosity, low our gassing rates, is not affected by most etch plasmas or ionizing radiation and easily joins to its self or other materials. 

The raw material is first cast and fired in blocks. The raw material, composition and furnace procedure enable the finished ceramic to be turned with conventional metal working tooling. This fact, with Shapal's unique thermal and electrical properties make it an ideal material for semiconductor and surface science components and fixtures. It is slightly more difficult than its brother material Macor to machine, but sub micron tolerances and surface finishes can be readily achieved.

  • Technical Data


2.90 gm/cu cm



Volume resistivity

10^14 ohm.cm

Thermal expansion

4.4x10-6 C

Thermal conductivity


Max use temp

1000 C

(in non oxidizing atmosphere)

1900 C

Bending strength

30.00 kg/mm^2

Compressive strength

120.00 kg/mm^2

Vickers hardness

390.00 kg/mm^2

Mod of Elasticity

1.9x10^3 kg/mm^2

Specific Heat

0.79 KJ/KgC

Dielectric constant

7.1 C  1MHZ 25C


Fawn / off white

Coefficient of expansion

4.4 x 10-6/C

If you have a component part you need made or would like pricing on the raw material, contact us by E-mail, Telephone or Fax to discuss. We have years of technical knowledge and experience to help with your applications.



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