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> Pyrolytic Boron Nitride Crucibles (PBN Crucibles).

Pyrolytic Boron Nitride (PBN) is opaque white, non-toxic, non-porous, electrically insulating, easily machined, with very good resistance to thermal shock. Our Pyrolytic Boron Nitride crucibles (PBN crucibles) are always manufactured to our customer's specific requirements on shape and size, we do not stock any crucibles. The maximum size of our pyrolytic boron nitride crucibles (PBN crucibles) we can manufacture is diameter 330mm x height 500mm x 1.0mm wall thickness. Lead times are generally 4-6 weeks from receipt of official order. All crucibles are fully cleaned before packaging and shipping.

In addition to Pyrolytic Boron Nitride crucibles (PBN crucibles) we can also produce PBN tubes, PBN plate (max 4mm thick) and bespoke PBN components.


General Properties

Apparent Density g/cc 2.15 - 2.19 (crucible) 2.10 - 2.15 (sheet)
Gas permeability (He) cc/s <1 x 10e-10
Micro hardness (Knoop) N/mm 691.88 (a-b plane)
Tensile strength N/mm 153.86 (parallel)  
Bending strength N/mm 243.63 (parallel) 197.76 (perpendicular)
Modulus of elasticity N/mm 235690
Specific heat capacity cal/g.C 0.371 (@ 200C) 0.442 (@ 900C)
Thermal conductivity 200C W/cm.k 0.6 (parallel) 0.026 (perpendicular)
Thermal conductivity 900C W/cm.k 0.4370 (parallel) 0.028 (perpendicular)
Dielectric strength (RT) KV/mm 56
Volume resistivity Ω.cm 3.11 x 10e13

Chemical Properties

Pyrolytic Boron Nitride is non-toxic and inert to almost all reagents (acids, bases, salts, organic reagents) at room temperature. Pyrolytic Boron Nitride does not react with most metals, semiconductors and compounds. No oxidation <1000C, detectable weight loss at 1250C, purity is 99.99% minimum.

Ion Mass spectrum analysis results for impurity:

Element Content Element Content Element Content Element Content
F 1.5 x 10e-6 Na 1.7 x 10e-6 Mg 5.8 x 10e-6 Al 1.9 x 10e-5
Si 5.4 x 10e-5 P 2.2 x 10e-5 S 3.1 x 10e-5 Cl  
K 3.0 x 10e-6 Ca 3.3 x 10e-7 Ti 5.2 x 10e-6 V 3.7 x 10e-6
Cr 1.5 x 10e-6 Mn 4.4 x 10e-7 Fe 7.7 x 10e-6 Co 4.7 x 10e-8
Ni 2.1 x 10e-6 Cu 7.4 x 10e-7 Zn 1.1 x 10e-6 Ga 2.8 x 10e-7
Ge   As 3.4 x 10e-7 Se 1.3 x 10e-7 Zr 1.4 x 10e-6
Nb   Mo 9.7 x 10e-7 In   Sb 8.7 x 10e-7






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