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In vacuum substrate heating Vacuum & high temperature materials Vacuum furnace insulation

> Hot Stages.

Substrate rotation - Substrate heating - Substrate RF & DC bias - Z-Shift - Quick release wafer holder - Water cooled

Our standard hot stage, shown below, is mounted on a CF40 flange and includes: stage rotation, quick release substrate holder, substrate heater (1000C element temperature, 700C substrate temp), RF / DC stage bias, water cooled outer heat shields and Z-shift movement for wafer transfer. Our standard substrate sizes are 4", 5" and 6", but we can accommodate any size as a special. Our standard hot stage mounts onto a CF40 flange, but we specialise in producing bespoke hot stages, and can modify our standard hot stage design to suit any flange size. Although our full hot stage includes rotation, RF / DC substrate bias, substrate heating with water cooled heat shields, quick release substrate holder and Z-shift movement, our stages can be configured to suit our customers specific requirements. It is therefore possible to specify just the components of the hot stage that are required, from for example a very basic hot stage with just rotation and heating, or static stage with heating and RF/DC bias, or any other combination. Our stages are fully shielded and insulated and fitted with an N type coaxial connector, enabling a DC bias or RF bias to be applied to the substrate platen. This bias can be run prior to deposition, for substrate cleaning / light etching, or during deposition to modify film properties. For very simple static hot stages our ceramic topped elements are most suitable. Please refer to our ceramic topped elements page for more details on designs and configurations.


6" biased hot stage mountd on CF40 flange 6" biased hot stage rotation and bias

If high element temperatures in excess of 1000C are required, then a high temperature version of our standard hot stage is required. This high temperature hot stage has a graphite element, and requires larger power feedthroughs to cope with the high current load that the graphite element requires. Our graphite elements are limited to 500C if O2 is present, but a special SiC coated graphite element can be used if O2 compatibility is required.

6" hot stage- water cooled hot zone

6" hot zone on CF40 mounting flange.

static unbiased 3" hot stage

We also produce bespoke very high temperature furnaces for heating small samples up to 2000C. These vacuum and inert atmosphere furnaces have an all graphite hot stage and so are not suitable for use with O2 above 500C. The furnace heats a graphite crucible, i.d.60.50mm x 80mm, to 2000C. The furnace is vertically orientated with the crucible loaded from the top. The main chamber body and all flanges and power feedthroughs are water cooled enabling long operation at maximum temperature without overheating.

6" biased hot stage at temperature in vacuum 6" biased hot stage with plasma on substrate 2000C vacuum furnace

To power and control our hot stage heaters and our vacuum furnaces, we have developed a range of heater temperature controllers and power supplies. Details of these are shown below.


5kw heater controller
1.5kw Temperature controller
1.5kw heater controller - back
1kw heater controller 19" Rack mount
Heater Controllers and Heater Power Supply

Our range of heater controllers and power supplies offer the complete solution to powering and controlling every possible kind of heating element. All our controllers are fitted with a Eurotherm 2216e PID temperature controller which enables the heater to be held at exactly the set temperature. A tuning facility enables the controller to accurately tune to the heaters requirements and therefore avoid overshooting during temperature ramping. The control enables ramping and cooling between two set points at a specified ramp rate. The heater controller can also be controlled remotely and integrated in system computer control programs via modbus RS232, RS485 and other protocols.

All our heater controllers have power on / off switch to the whole unit, and an output enable switch to isolate the output from the controller. A 24v interlock circuit is also included to enable the power supply to be integrated with interlocks into other systems, or safety interlocks to be attached directly to the unit; which will switch off the output from the unit if the circuit is broken. This enables safety interlocks via make / break switches for things such as chamber lids closed, vacuum interlocks, cooling water flow, over temperature sensors etc.

Our standard units are 50v or 115v burst-fire output (240v x 13 amp 50hz input). The 1kw unit is available in 3U x full 19" wide rack mount, or 3U half rack mount both with integrated transformer. Our 1.5kw unit is available in 3U half rack mount only.

Above 1.5kw a separate transformer box is required. These units can be supplied with burst-fire thyristor or phase angle control thyristor which is more suitable for graphite elements.



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