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In vacuum substrate heating Vacuum & high temperature materials Vacuum furnace insulation

Rigid Graphite Fibreboard - GT-0100 Vacuum Furnace Insulation

Ceramisis GT-0100 fibreboard vacuum furnace insulation. is a high temperature rigid thermal insulation material used extensively in vacuum furnaces and inert atmosphere furnaces. Manufactured from woven PAN based carbon fiber, GT-0100 has excellent insulation properties.

Standard board size: 40 x 1000 x 1500mm. Boards can also be cut to size to suit specific requirements..


Our fibreboard vacuum furnace insulation is also available with heat reflective graphite foil facing on both sides to reduce particle count and improve its insulating properties. This board is denoted GT-0101.


Where extra mechanical protection is required we can supply our fibreboard vacuum furnace insulation with a carbon carbon composite (CCC) facing on both sides, denoted GT-0103. It can also be supplied with one foil face and one CCC face which is denoted GT-0104.

In addition to rectangular boards we produce bespoke cylinders and discs to suit tubular furnaces. These are also available with foil facing or graphite paint coating.


For protecting exposed areas carbon carbon composite formed strips are available. These come in "L", "U" and "H" shape sections.

Standard strip length is 1000mm.

We also have a range of carbon carbon composite nuts and threaded studding from M6 to M20.



GT-0100 Fibreboard Properties

Bulk Density g/cc >=0.28
Bending Strength MPa 2.5 - 3.2
Thermal Conductivity w/mk 0.25 - 0.30
Tensile Strength MPa 2.8 - 6.8
Ash Content % <=0.05
Carbon Content % >=98
Processing Temperature C 1500
Thermal Expansion Coefficient 10e-6/K 0.8 - 6.9


Carbon Carbon Composite Properties

Grade: CCC01

Units Parallel Perpendicular
Density g/cc 1.6 1.6
Shear Strength N/mm 8 8
Flexural Strength N/mm 176 176
Compressive Strength N/mm 280 95
Tensile Strength N/mm 190 190
Modulus (Tensile) KN/mm 80 80
CTE (20 - 1000 C) 10e-6/K 0.6 8.6
Thermal Conductivity W/mK 30 5
Electrical Resistivity .Ω.m 19 19

The above data are typical average values for information only, and do not represent a formal specification.


Download Fibreboard Brochure (271KB)


Carbon / Graphite Felt - GT04

GT04-01 Carbon Felt - Process Temperature:- 1200C

GT04-02 Graphite Flt - Process Temperature:- 1800C, 2000C, 2200C 2400C




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