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>Carbon Carbon Composite Materials Specifications

The main properties of carbon carbon composite are:

        Ability to withstand very high temperatures up to 2800 C (inert atmosphere or in vacuum)

        Very low thermal conductivity

        Much stronger than high density graphite

        Good thermal shock resistance

        Self lubricating

        High compressive strength

        Good chemical resistance

        Dimensionally stable

        Low expansion coefficient

        Strength increases with temperature

        Low friction coefficient

        Electrically conductive

        Will start to oxidise in air at 450 C

Pyrolytic graphite coating can be applied to carbon carbon composite to make it cleaner and reduce particles

Characteristic Carbon Carbon Composite
with layer across layer
Grade CCC27 CCC27
Average grain size - microns fibre fibre
Density - g/cc 1.60 1.60
Thermal conductivity W/mK 30 5
CTE - microns/m.degC 0.6 8.6
Flexural strength - MPa 176 176
Compressive strength - MPa 280 95
Resistivity - .Ω.cm 1700 1700
Max operating temp C - in air 500 500
                           - in vacuum 2200 2200
                           - in inert gas 2000 2000



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