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>Alumina 96% Machinable Material Properties.

useable continually to 1650C with a melting point of 1870C, 96% Alumina machinable ceramic is manufactured from high purity alumina by a unique process. Unlike standard alumina this unique manufacturing process enables our 96% Alumina to be machined with conventional tooling on standard machine shop equipment. No post heat treating after machining is required offering the convenience and economy of an in house capability for alumina parts. The chemical, thermal and electrical properties of our 96% Alumina machinable ceramic are equivalent to standard high alumina ceramics, with good resistance to thermal shock. Our Alumina 96% machinable ceramic is available in various standard rod sizes up to 3.5" x 12" long, and plates up to 6" x 6" x ".

  • General Technical specifications


Alumina 96% machinable



Coefficient of Thermal expansion


x 10-6C
Thermal conductivity


Max operating temp. 1650 C
Melting point 1870 C
Compressive strength 410 Mpa
Flexural strength 260 Mpa
Volume resistivity 1x10e14 ohm/cm
Loss Factor 0.0016 @ 1MHz
Dielectric constant 9 @ 1MHz
Dielectric Strength. 200 V/mm
Colour White  

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